Sandra Sophie

💜 I am who I am 💜 Sometimes I need to remind myself to reconnect with my real me. As “hoomans”, we are exposed to lots of external stimulation, social media, noises, music, cooking, work, which means that our brain is busy absorbing new information. 💙 Often we forget about who we are because we see so many different ways of how people react to a certain situation. 💜 This is why meditation is so wonderful. Meditating stops us from being in this fast pace, it allows our minds to reconnect with ourselves and to take time to appreciate the little things in life. Meditating let us bring mindful and greatful. 💙 My adorable and super emotional intelligent friend Eva from   @zense  .space is my little Buddha. She has the power to heal my soul, to free my mind and to create a safe space where I can reconnect with myself after work. Her immersive yoga class is the new thing. 💜 Let’s give her a follow to support her new business where she can heal others!   @zense  .space 🙏🏼 💙

Wimbledon, United Kingdom


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🙏🏻💕💕 aww thank you my darling!! You are a beautiful “hooman” & I love you!! Xxx


😍 you and Cooper are adorable 💜💜💜

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