Tips for Maintaining Your Stove

In order to effectively maintain your stove, begin by taking a look at the owner’s manual which should include a diagram indicating where all its parts are located. Your owner’s manual will also instruct you on other stove maintenance tips such as how to lubricate the motor and its other moving parts. If your pellet stove does not consistently feed pellets, you need to clean out the pressure sensing switch. In the event that this does not work, clean the vent pipe as your problem could be restricted airflow. Maintaining your pellet stove will typically involve cleaning it. It is advisable to clean your stove at least once a week if you use it on a regular basis.

It doesn’t take a long time to clean out your pellet stove and oven repair altadena. First turn it off and leave it for about twenty minutes to allow it to cool down. Next fill the hopper with pellets to jar lose some of the ash and then open the door to the burn pot. Brush the accumulated ash into a bucket placed at the door. Brush the ashes surrounding the burn pot into the pot, remove the burn pot and thereafter brush those ashes into the bucket. You may use a screwdriver to scrape any ashes and clinkers that still remain stuck inside. Remove ashes from the stove using a plastic scoop. You should also pull out and dump the ashes in the ash pan at the bottom of your unit. Clean out the cavity in which your burn pot rests using a vacuum cleaner and thereafter replace the burn pot.

Use paper towels and glass cleaner to clean out the glass on the door. Ensure that you select glass cleaner which is made specifically for heated glass. On a monthly basis, remove the cleanout of the vent pipe which is typically located outside the house and brush out the ashes. Tap it to dislodge any stuck ashes and thereafter brush the cleanout again. Have a professional appliance serviceman come over at the end of every heating season in order to clean out the vent pipe.

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