How to Repair Your Dryer

Homeowners deal with a lot of maintenance and repairs at home. Sometimes, it gets too expensive when everything seems to need replacement. That’s why most homeowners today try to repair whatever they could. Besides, if you can do repairs by yourself, what’s the point of having it repaired by a professional if it means burning your pockets? Remember, we are in the world of endless expenses and that repair charge could go a long way. Let me help you learn how to repair your dryer the cheapest way.

If you have an electric dryer, you will find that the electric heating elements of that dryer is self-contained. Most of the time, electric dryers stop working because of a defective heating element. If your dryer seems to have drying problems or seems to be not releasing any heat, then most likely the problem is the dryer’s heater. In order to fix the problem, you will need to access those heating elements. Here’s a step by step guide on what to do maytag dryer repair pasadena.

1. Remove the back service panel of your dryer. You may need to remove some screws.

2. Locate the heating elements which are usually inside the heater ducts.

3. Test your heating element by using a volt-ohm-milliammeter, also known as VOM. Set the scale to RX1.

4. Remove the leads from the terminals of the power source.

5. Use one of the probes to clip on to one of the terminal of the VOM and then do the same to the other probe.

6. Check the reading. It should be 12 ohms. If it is higher than that, then your heater needs replacement. If your volt line is 110 volts, then it should be around 8.4 ohm. For 220 volts, it must be around 11 ohms. If you need to replace the heater, jot down the type, brand, and electrical rating so you know what to buy.

7. On the other hand, if the ohm reading is normal, your dryer might be grounded. To check for this, go back to step. Then remove the leads to the heater.

8. Now the probes of your VOM should be one connected to the heater terminal and one to the heater’s case of housing. There should be a jump in the meter needle. It should have a high rating. However, if it goes back and forth while at a low figure, then your heater is grounded and needs replacement.

9. To replace the heater, disassemble the back part and cabinet top of your dryer.

10. Remove the screws and leads holding the duct in position. Now, remove the whole heater unit from the dryer.

11. If there are screws holding the heater in the duct, remove it.

12. Now you can bring that old heater to a store so you’ll know what to get. Then simply put your new heater to the dryer by assembling and putting the screws and leads back.

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