Care and Maintenance of Refrigerators

A refrigerator is an expensive investment. Keeping it in good working order will allow it to be used for many years. This means the investment will become less expensive as the cost is expanded over more time. Generally speaking every refrigerator has a similar care and maintenance plan.

The care and maintenance of a refrigerator can be costly. It doesn’t have to be expensive to maintain though. Routine care can prevent costly maintenance and repairs. If proper and routine care is done not only will the refrigerator run longer and better it will also help save money as well as saving energy. If a refrigerator has an Energy Star label it is the most energy efficient choice and will save money to use.

It is important to check a refrigerator at least two times monthly samsung refrigerator repair los angeles. Look at the seals to see if there is any damage or cracks. If the seals have issues then it is important to purchase new seals and to replace them. Next, check the condenser coils yearly by looking for frost. Make sure there is no more than an inch of frost on the condenser coil so the refrigerator operates properly. Defrost it if there is too much frost.

Make sure to keep a refrigerator up to four inches from walls and anything else. The sides and the back need to be free to help the refrigerator perform properly. It is also important for the care and maintenance of refrigerators to set the temperature to 42 degrees. This will save energy as well as keep all the food at a safe temperature. One way to keep a refrigerator working properly is to not let it get empty and not to have the door open for too long. When storing food in drawers don’t stuff them full. It is best to leave an inch of free space. Furthermore, it is best to leave some free space in the freezer.

Another part of caring for a refrigerator means not to neglect the surface. Try to wash the outside with warm soapy water and use a rag or sponge. It will help keep it clean and only takes a few minutes a week. Try to clean out old food and other items at least once a week as well. Check expiration dates and remove any leftovers that have been in the refrigerator for a few days or haven’t been covered properly. This will include wiping down the inside with soapy water at least once a month. If it is done frequently then the job won’t last very long. Keep baking soda in the refrigerator to help keep the inside smell fresh. One way to help keep the refrigerator clean is to place all the supplies needed in a basket or bucket in a location that is easy to find.

When a refrigerator is properly cared for and maintained it will last for many years. An added bonus is a decrease in the money needed to have a refrigerator.

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